Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I have rounded up some of my favorite items as of lately that you can blow your paycheck on today! (I know I will!) I hope you all have an awesome weekend!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sequined Yoke

Shirt: Bluelayne Boutique, Leggings: c/o PinkBlush Maternity, Shoes: c/o Layla's (sold out, similar here), Sunglasses: Maui Jims, hat: Old Navy

I have been dying to get my hands on one of these sequin plaid yoke shirts, so when Bluelayne Boutique got them in, I had to snag one. They all sold out right away and luckily they had one left, a size large. This was the one time in my life that I was happy they only had bigger sizes left! 

I broke my own rule in these pics, that leggings should never replace pants (and that your shirt should always be long enough to cover your booty in leggings) However, I'm not going to lie, wearing pants while pregnant uncomfortable, especially as I get larger and larger. I've actually been wearing these pants from Athleta a TON pre-maternity and now. I love these, because they look like slacks, but are stretchy like workout pants. The ones I have from last year are fleece-lined, but they stopped making them.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maternity Must haves

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I have been pregnant now for 6 months and on this crazy journey so far, I have come across some of my favorite maternity items that I don't know if I could live without. 

Bras: Your chest starts changing right away. This was one of the things I noticed right off the bat. I started wearing sports bras every single day, because I just couldn't handle all the changes. After constantly washing all my sports bras and getting tired of the straps showing on some of my outfits, I decided to invest in a real bra (sort of). This bra from Target is comfortable, cute and can definitely be slept in!

Pregnancy Pillows: I started off kind of early with the Snoogle pillow, which is great for hip, back and knee support while sleeping, however I didn't feel like it supported my growing belly very well. I decided to invest in a small Boppy wedge pillow and I use this every night in combination with my Snoogle.

Maternity Pajamas: Do you know how depressing it is, when your oversized pajamas no longer fit you? Once I decided to invest in some maternity pajamas, I no longer had to cry at the thought of my pajama pants and tops feeling skin tight.

Workout Clothes: This was something that I had to invest in right away. The first thing I bought were these roll down Wunder Unders. Early on I would roll the waistband up for support and now roll them down as my belly keeps growing. These are great for wearing as every day leggings as well. I also invested in a few oversized workout tops from Old Navy. They were inexpensive and made me feel so much more comfortable in my Barre classes. 

Maternity Jeans: After 6 months of wearing leggings every day, I decided I should probably get some jeans. I invested in a pair of full panel maternity jeans from both Gap and Old Navy and they both barely feel like I am wearing jeans. I really like the full panel ones because they help keep them from falling down and also give my belly some support.

Maxi Dress and Scarf: As I am getting bigger, nothing sounds more comfortable to me than to throw on a jersey knit maxi dress. I loved this idea, but had to come up with a few ways to make this look a little warmer while living up here in New England. I added some of my favorite blanket scarves from Purple Peridot (great prices and super cute patterns!) and added my fleece lined leggings as well.  On really cold days I add a cardigan and it keeps me feeling pretty supported, covered and warm all at the same time. 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mama Bear

Sweater: ASOS Maternity, Jeans: Old Navy, Earrings: Kate Spade, Boots: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Versace

Happy MLK Day! It feels so good to be back to blogging, but I have to admit, its been quite the challenge lately. Its been tough to motivate myself to take pictures and put outfits together when I have been feeling so crappy, but I am starting to feel a little bit better (and bigger!) these days. I didn't realize how hard it would be to blog in the winter here either. When I took these pics, it was actually 17 degrees out! Luckily the sun was out, so it wasn't too bad to be outside for a short amount of time. Last week my bump got bigger, so I made it my mission to buy myself some new maternity clothes that didn't make me feel so huge. I finally invested in my first pair of maternity jeans and also got a bunch of cute sweaters, including this Mama and Baby Bear sweater from ASOS Maternity. I am off from school today and am grateful for people like Martin Luther King Jr. who gave me the ability to have the day off from school. I hope whether you are working or not, that you have a great Monday!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tis the Season!

Happy Friday y'all! I am showing some Christmas spirit and my growing bump at school today. Only two more days left of school, woohooo! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! You can get my shirt here!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

BUMPstyle Box Review

I was pretty excited to get my very first BUMPstyle Box last week, and even more so than when I got my first Stitch Fix Box, because I have discovered that finding stylish maternity clothes can be a bit tricky. I was really interested to see what kinds of maternity items would be included in my box.

First, let me tell you about BUMPstyle Box and the amazing concept behind it. BUMPstyle Box is a chic maternity boutique that is delivered to your door. There are usually 3-4 items that are hand-selected based on your style profile that you fill out when you join.  The items could be dresses, pants/jeans, shoes and even accessories! Along with your box, you receive a note from your personal stylist who helps give you ideas about how to style each item, and then you get 5 days to try on and decide if you want to keep any (or all!) of your items. 

The styling fee is $30 and you get to apply that $30 to any of your items. If you spend over $150, your styling fee of $30 gets waived! All of the items that I received were awesome, but I chose to showcase my four favorite pieces from the six that I received. Read below to check them out...

The first item that I loved was this color-blocked blouse. It was shorter in the front and longer in the back. It was really comfortable and I felt like it did a nice job covering me up, but still allowed me have some shape. I also really liked the color combo.

The  second item I chose, were these black lacquered jeans. These jeans were actually my FAVORITE item! I have tried to avoid wearing jeans my entire pregnancy so far. As my body has been changing, all I have wanted to wear are leggings. I also have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me, so when I saw them, I thought to myself, "These are so cute, but I doubt they will fit me." Once I put them on, I didn't want to take them off. It didn't even feel like I was wearing jeans! Instead of having a front panel like most maternity jeans out there, these jeans had two elastic panels on the sides, and this made them extra comfortable. The black lacquered sheen also made these jeans look a little dressier as well. 

The next item I chose was this striped cowl neck tunic. It looked so comfortable, that I couldn't wait to put it on. I also knew that this would be a great top to wear with leggings (and as I mentioned, I am ALL ABOUT leggings these days!) Also notice I am wearing those badass lacquered jeans again! :)

 My other favorite item in the box was this dress! I thought this dress would be perfect for any upcoming holiday parties and I also loved that I didn't have to wear much jewelry with it, since it already has this gorgeous jeweled neckline. 

If you saw my post from yesterday, you will know that I also paired this dress with a leopard fur vest that I had. Its cold up here in Boston, so adding some fur gave me some more warmth and a little more a of a holiday glam look.

Overall, I absolutely adored my BUMPsyle Box. My stylist picked a great assortment of items to choose from and everything fit perfectly! The only downside of the BUMPstyle Box was that all the items were pretty expensive. I don't mind paying a lot of money for items that I love, but its hard to justify spending a lot of money on maternity items that I will only wear for a short time. I thought that the BUMPstyle Box would be a wonderful gift idea for an expecting mama though. When your body is going through so many changes (for me this is the first time to experience this) its nice to get some stylish items sent right to your door that make you feel both beautiful and glamorous.

Thank you to BUMPstyle Box for allowing me to do a review!
  The items were provided by BUMPstyle Box, but the opinions expressed here are all mine.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bow Obsession

If you have been following me for a while now, you will know that I have a crazy bow obsession. I love ANYTHING with a bow on it! I found a ton of adorable bow items that I thought you might like too! I would tell you what my favorite item in this collage is, but I love every. single. item here!


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